Monday, April 28, 2014

first ride of the season!

what a great weekend! saturday i went out on a rainy windy day bike ride with the (almost at that time) 40 year old kris sieber and the published and insightful devon code. we met at the (closed at the time) silver bean and made our way to east city bakery inc. where we bought and hoovered back some cherry turnovers and had a good chat with the former marketing director of cheeseborough-ponds (!).

from there we rode out to douro, then over to warsaw and on up to north stoney lake.

from there we slipped back down to lakefield for americano's and really yummy bagels at the Nuttshell Next Door Cafe.

after that, a ride through some lovely countryside and back to my place on aberdeen for tasty beers and more good laughs and chats. my first ride of the season - seventy kms+ - yes it hurt. but it will stop hurting . . . right?!!!

a really lovely fun ride with two very good people!