Saturday, October 10, 2009


flowers arrived today.

clustered together.
improbable companions.
butter yellow. crimson. pink.
the palest lilac.
a lilac i've only seen after the evening star has cast its first light on my eyes.

the white of wedding cake icing.
the white of a child's eyes.
hues that hover
in the spaces between colour.

all the shades of green.

all the knowings of softness:

pudgy folds of baby skin,
are catalogued
revealed in their simple
sensory complexity
my fingertips
in the butterfly wing films of petals.


Alaine said...

Most beautiful, Steven. I keep forgetting to say how spectacular your new header is! I've taken shots of Spring colour but too many to reduce down for a post; what a tedious task that is.

Gorgeous weather here, daylight savings kicked in last weekend and the evening, now at 7:15pm, is superb; long shadows spreading over green, green grass. Amazingly, snow is forecast over the next few days down to 1000 metres (3000ft) and hopefully, we'll get rain here. Cheers.

Enjoy your weekend!

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

you have a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes and associations....
A lovely post thank you...

Happy days

Reya Mellicker said...

What a beautiful feast for the eyes, first thing in the morning! Thankyou so much Steven!

Golden West said...

Flowers! My sister stopped by yesterday with a flat of seedlings from her garden and I could hardly wait to get them in the ground! We trade plats back and forth and my mom saves seeds for me, so we always marvel at how "our plants" are doing in each other's yards.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Stunning steven!

hope said...

I love the Iris! It's actually the "logo" for my hometown, where we have Swan Lake Iris Gardens. And it was all a fluke.

A local gardener, tired of trying to grow Japanese iris, tossed the bulbs in the swamp behind his house. Yep, that's just what the iris wanted. This same gentleman would one day donate acres of swamp land which he helped transform into the above mentioned gardens, which is home to all 8 types of swans.

[Not to mention a gaggle of Canada geese which have decided to make it home as well]. :)

What wonderful colors to wake up to..thanks!

Barry said...

Beautiful post steven! Tender and eloquent.

I admire your photography almost as much as I admire your poetry.

Liza said...

All I can say is WOW!
Beautiful post.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Steven.
Wishing you all the best.

steven said...

hi alaine - we have an australian living with us right now - he lives in maitland - so he's telling us all about how lovely and warm it's getting at home. meanwhile he and i are out on bike rides and it's between five and ten degrees so he's hurting a bit while he's here!!! thanks for the compliments about the photos. picking and choosing can be a real challenge and then remembering which ones you've already shared!!! the joys of getting older!!! have a lovely evening alaine. steven

steven said...

hello delwyn - it's kaleidoscopic in a very small space. i love bouquets!!!! have a lovely day by the river. steven

steven said...

hi reya - couldn't you just eat it up!!! waking to light - a sky full eyeful of blue - and a table with this gorgeous bouquet on it - wow!!! gifts!!! have a sweet dc day. steven

steven said...

hello golden west - now i love that!!!! plants from seeds are a dream to watch - from their most vulnerable little poking out of the soil moment through to their final return to the soil. cool that you do the comparison with sister. have a lovely day out there. steven

steven said...

thankyou bonnie!!!! i agree!!! steven

steven said...

hope - i i didn't know that about iris!! that's so amazing!! imagine the serendipity of that - chucking something into the lake and being rewarded like that!!!! ha!! have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hi barry - that's very generous barry - thankyou. i have to tell you that the little community of people i visit and who visit here, has ramped up my wish to share better pictures and write better words. so i am grateful to you - wordsmith that you are barry - ask any of your readers!!!!!! have a sweet weekend with linda. steven

steven said...

liza - all i can say is thankyou. i hope your weekend is as lovely as mine has been so far. a gorgeous autumn bike ride, a butter tart right out of the oven at the midway ppoint of the ride in a little town called omemee - beyond belief good!!! best butter tart of my life!!! steven

Kay said...

Beautiful words and are such a tonic for the soul..have a great weekend steven.

Margaret Pangert said...

Steven, your words are pure heaven, the poetry of the senses and of the heart. Could not have matched these exquisite flowers better. Enjoy this radiant weekend!

Barb said...

You celebrate the essence of the flowers as well as their natural beauty. Lovely post, Steven.

Elizabeth said...

Such very beautiful flowers
wonderfully documented.
Iris at this time of year?
Such a brilliant new header.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your passion for colors and these flowers.

Audrey just finished reading tonight. And she just finished a session on her recorder. Patty and I set here and pretend not to hear but we do hear and smile and listen and make comments on her progress. She seems to be a very dedicated person with a wonder vocabulary and only 9 years old.

Thanks for visiting.

steven said...

hello kay - i love flowers - fresh cut, garden, it doesn't matter. i even love them as gifts. that's right - a guy likes flowers as gifts!!! how 'bout them apples?!!! steven

steven said...

hello margaret, thankyou very much!!! i am astonished by flowers - truly i am. i love to see the amazing variety of hues and textures and then too i love their associations with so many other sensory experiences. have a lovely evening margaret. steven

steven said...

hello barb!!! nice to see you here! thankyou for your kind comment. i think flowers are a blessing. they bring a sense of summer into a home that is girding its loins for winter!!! have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hello elizabeth - yes iris!!! how incredibly lucky to receive that! my mother's favourite flower. have a lovely evening. steven

steven said...

hi abe - she's blessed to have you both. i love to hear and watch my children's progress in whatever they go after. as they are getting older, it's harder to draw from them but they are quielty passionate about their lives and i love that!!! have a peaceful evening abe and thanks for visiting. steven

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Just beautiful, Steven. Your words and your photos. Thank you.