Thursday, August 13, 2009

lone yellow flower

in the middle of the back garden, a tiny dot of yellow.
i almost had to be on top of it to see it, but there it was.

tiny, improbable.
entirely alone.

lone yellow flower
waves in the open fields
bowing according to the tune
among the sea of green;
lone yellow flower has no one to blame
and it seeks none to praise
for it knows all life comes in
when the conditions are right;
lone yellow flower knows
death comes in like the wind;
lone yellow flower
is never alone
for it is a part of the expression
of the earth and time and the universe;
lone yellow flower sees what is before and around
lone yellow flower observes what is within and about
and so lone yellow flower lives with no delusions
no beliefs of heaven and hell
fears none and does not live or die
to please or amuse or appease;
and lone yellow flower
blossoms and shines
and shrivels and ceases
in harmony
with what actually is;
lone yellow flower
waves in the open fields
bowing according to the tune
among the sea of green

raj arumugam

the golden fish is hosting a meme for the very first time.

"a transformative moment."

share an experience that you knew in that moment - or on reflection - changed you.

let me know if you can share a transformative moment and on the 19th,
i'll post a link to your posting from here so we can all visit each other!
bloggy chums who have signed up - thankyou. i'll post a list sometime later today to let you know where you can visit on the appointed day. those bloggy chums who haven't joined yet are always welcome!!!!!


Titus said...

Wonderful image steven, and once again you find perfect words to echo and then magnify the image. Very lovely, and the stillness of this blog quite often slows me in a most constructive fashion. Thanks!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Lovely Steven. As I read the poem I was sure it was you who had written it - and I wanted to say "pure projection". Then maybe it is projection onto the lone yellow flower, by those who love and choose the poem, too. For what I have learned about you - the poem describes you.

Can't wait to read all the transformative experiences!

steven said...

hello titus, the flower is so small that you could fit three of them on your littlest finger nail! i'm glad that the images and writing here help you slow down. it's useful to me to have a place of peacefulness also. have a lovely day. steven

steven said...

hello bonnie, what an interesting and thoughtful comment!! i can see many of the features in that poem reflected in myself ... hmmmmm. have a peaceful day. steven

ellen abbott said...

What a sweet little pea.

steven said...

hello ellen, i love having the time and being relaxed and aware enough to see, hear, and feel the very little things that i often blow by in the course of my days. thanks so much for visiting. have a peaceful day. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Awww ... it looks so sad!

I'll have to see, on the 19th, what's given to me to post. I love the meme - for me the hard part would be choosing which transformative moment to write about. Hmmmm.....

willow said...

"...lone yellow flower lives with no delusions
no beliefs of heaven and hell
fears none and does not live or die
to please or amuse or appease;"

I love that.

(I'd like to see you hunkering down to capture this lovely shot) :^)

steven said...

hi reya, i'm in the same boat believe it or not!! i'm going to wait to see what's there. right now i've got everything and nothing!! have a peaceful day. steven

steven said...

hi willow - mmm hmmm i liked this poem because it says things i think and a few things i know and a lot of things i keep to myself.
the hunkering down contortions to get close to this little flower were worthy of a gymnastics floor routine. i'm still supple and lithe when i need to be and every muscle was straining and my breath was held as i tried not to shake and prayed that there wouldn't be a breeze as i took this picture. thanks for visiting and have a sweet day at the manor. steven

Bee said...

I got a funny little yellow flower feeling when I realized that you were reading my blog just as I was . . . because we are all little yellow flowers in the endless fields of the Internet, and doesn't it still feel mysterious and amazing when someone new discovers us?

And I don't have that kind of flower in my garden, but I have lots of the yellow daisies that spring up when the grass gets long!

steven said...

hi bee, there's lots of synchroncity and interconnectedness on the internet. i am always amazed when someone comes along - even familiar faces - and they see or read something that they like. then when they decide to visit over and over i wonder what they're like. what if i could get all the people who visit here in a room with good food and drinks and talk with them? that little yellow flower is the only one that has appeared in my gardens. just one! just like people.
have a lovely afternoon. steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

Looks like Birds/ Foot Trefoil to me Steven - lovely photo and lovely words. Hope you have added me to your meme.

steven said...

oh hello weaver, you are definitely added to the meme list no worries there!!!! i looked up the flower you mentioned and it does look exactly like that!! it's interesting to read about its connotations in the language of flowers . . . . . have a lovely day.... steven

Linda said...

Does that little yellow flower bloom now to remind you the corn is ripe? The flower is the same beautiful yellow. I think "lone yellow flower" is as expressive in the sea of green grass as your poem is in a sea of brilliant blogs. I liked the quiet confidence of the poem. Well written, Raj! Thank you for the post Steven.

steven said...

hello linda, you know when i worked in a factory in downsview for ten years, i knew the cycle of wildflower colours better than i do now. they follow a cycle that is predictable and i'd love to know why.
the poem was an absolute surprise to me as i was hunting around for something that said what i was thinking and i had the image of the single little yellow flower and there it was!! the poem. that's fortune!!! thank you for visiting linda. have a peaceful evening. steven

Golden West said...

Hi Steven,

Please add me to your list to participate in the transformative theme for the 19th. Glad to have some time to work on this one!

steven said...

oh hi golden west, thanks for signing in!!! i'm really looking forward to the variety of moments that are going to be shared!!!! have a peaceful evening. steven

Meri said...

Reya steered me here to consider your meme. Let me give it some thought. Like Reya, I may have trouble narrowing the field.

Meri said...

Got mine posted at

Some of the posts are marvelous!