Friday, August 7, 2009

jimi's angel

the very first 45 i bought - remember 45's? not to worry - my first 45 was jimi hendrix' angel.
i played it on a record player speaker set that looked like a piece of luggage.
the turntable folded out from it and the speakers were on either side.
it was a kind of deep caramel and cream coloured setup.

so there i'd be in my room with jimi,
my plants,
my whole earth catalogue
and dreams of becoming
a writer, an artist:

so my son asked me today "hey dad, did jimi really light his guitar on fire?"
"well yeah, lemme show you."
cue youtube clip.
"so did he play his guitar with his teeth?"
"well yeah lemme show you."
cue youtube clip.

and a little loop continues.

my son in a room with jimi,
a macbook,
and his dreams of becoming a rock guitarist:

here's jimi's angel.


acornmoon said...

It was Ray Charles for me, both artists have died but their spirits live on in their music.

steven said...

hello acornmoon, ray charles!! what a huge talent!!! both these musicians left not only the legacy of their immediate presence but the vast affect they had on music, culture and people in general. cool. have a peaceful evening. steven

gleaner said...

Timeless and amazing with every listen.

steven said...

hi gleaner, it's such a beautiful song and so from its time but then it seems to spread across the huge space between its creation and this afternoon and like you i'm amazed!!! have a lovely evening. steven

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

Blogger and Google were at wars today and I was not able to get on until late today. I spent the day outside, more or less, taking pictures of that Monarch and some flowers. I got some photos of that Monarch that are even shocking to me. I will have at least two of them online tomorrow. On top of everything else I overslept this morning. LOL

If you like things that astonish you then please take a look at the banner on Brookville Daily Photo. It is one flower and the way I treated it is really quite amazing. I hope you will agree. I think the Monarch will be on there tomorrow (Saturday) so the banner is meant to work with the Monarch. If you want to see what I mean look at the blog tonight and then tomorrow.

Thank you for your visits to my blog. They are always appreciated. You are also a liberal commenter and leave some words that I just love to read. So few people use really clever words. You are one of them.

That 45 rpm record player sounds like one that one of our kids had. They played it to death. My kids range from 53, 52, 51, 47 and 35 so I got one for ever popular tune. LOL

Jimi Hendrix was special to a lot of people and I enjoyed his music.

steven said...

hi abe - i know the bbc was reporting that there was a hacker attack or something like that on blogger today. thanks so much for the link to more things from abe the astonishing!!! i'll dig those up and thanks also for your thanks. i think your manner of writing is so engaging and personable and your photos are incredible. i'm 52 years old now so right in the same age group as your children!!! i've gotta keep an eye out for the return of my wife - she's been in australia these last two weeks. have a lovely evening. steven

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Oh yes... my turntable was a blue & cream colored one with built-in speakers. I was so pleased to have it and listen to music in my bedroom... all those 45s and 33 1/3s. My friends even has some 78s. So long ago... thanks for the memories.

steven said...

hello lizzy, having music in your own room must have been magic!! i know it was for me. it was a form of escape. ov making my own space, my own little world. good times and great memories! have a peaceful day. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

How cool to hear this song after such a long break! Wow.

To your son I say: ROCK ON!!! Oh yeah.

steven said...

hi reya, i listen to music that emerges and music that re-emerges because there all from the same place. my manboy dawson is pushing his abilities faster than his musical knowledge but he's hungry to know about where his heroes came from and i think thats' cool. i passed on your comment! have a peaceful day. steven