Thursday, April 2, 2009


roving reporter goldenrod (merrily residing in the sunny south - and i mean wayyyyyy south of the 49th parallel down in houston, texas) sent in word that something good was going to be seen at the academy awards. i never watch the awards ceremonies but i thought i'd have a look just in case. what's all the excitement about - "oktapodi". never heard of it? neither had i 'till goldenrod wrote me all breathless and flushed and suggested i take a look.

it is absolutely hilarious and awesome . . .

take a look and see for yourself!!

did you like it?! if you'd like to know more about this very clever film then nip over to its dedicated site!


Goldenrod said...

I could probably watch this 20 or 30 more times before I started getting tired of it, but I'm out of breath and flushed now so I'll take a little rest.

Goldenrod said...

Oh! I meant to add, just before I go nighty-night again ... did you happen to catch the little blurb last night or the night before on the newest Japanese commuter train ("jet")? It might still be on the drawing boards, but when I saw a picture of it, I thought, "Oh, boy! Would Steven ever like to ride on one of those!" (Goes like 300-400mph.)

steven said...

hey goldenrod - that one's for you!! i'm glad you liked it - it's so clever and so well-crafted!!! i shared it with my family and they all liked it almost as much as you and i!!!
p.s. i'll be checking out the japanese commuter train. you know, that would be just the thing for the u.s. of a. a fast train from coast to coast to coast.