Sunday, February 15, 2009

linn olofsdotter

when i was in high school, the hot artist for posters on bedroom walls was peter max. his groovy, curvelicious, psychedelic sheets of glossy paper covered with freeform flowers and long-haired boys and pretty girls were all the rage. linn olofsdotter may or may not be aware of that connection or see the genetic link from her work to peter's but i do.

a visit to her etsy page includes her very long and deep client list which suggests that she is the going concern or "it" girl for advertising companies these days. here's a really lovely piece that would make a great fridge magnet for chocolate lovers!

"patterns and pistils": .

here's an image she created for computer arts magazine:

this lovely depiction of a jellyfish is a proposal for a t-shirt design:

this piece linn created for computer arts is my favourite of all of her work. tasked with the opportunity to depict the energy crisis she created this image:

for almost everything linn olofsdotter related visit her etsy page. to learn more about linn, here's a good interview.

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Goldenrod said...

The detail, intricacy, and delicacy she interweaves in her designs, Steven, is truly remarkable! I am thankful that someone of her talent is recognized in today's age of advanced computer technology!!