Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bel air by mathieu lehanneur

the air in most people's homes is an admixture of chemicals, many of which are not very good for us. by-products of manufacturing processes that produce materials which decay or relase gases and particulate matter into the air, it seems to me a logical assumption that many of the illnesses and conditions that are being observed in greater degrees than was previously the norm can be traced to this simple fact.

what to do?

designer and innovator mathieu lehanneur has developed a proposal that capitalizes on some research done by nasa when they noticed that their astronauts were getting sick from lengthy exposure to the materials used to construct the spacecraft. the results of the study showed that the peace lily, bamboo palm, english ivy, mums, and gerbera daisies suck more than their fair share of toxic chemicals out of the air making them prime candidates for a filtration system.
here's mathieu's proposal.

while you're here have a look and a listen:


Goldenrod said...

Straight from nature, so simple.

steven said...

it's a nice confluence of man-made and natural. so simple. that's right!