Friday, August 16, 2013


i remember as a boy visiting a place called lymm dam.

a dark green thick pool of water where
(i was told)
several people had drowned.

somehow the shade of green
and the apparent thickness of the water
lent credence to the very real possibility
that the story i was told was
entirey true.

i cannot walk into bodies of water
unless i can see the bottom.

in seeing the bottom
i see my life continuing as i wish it to.

the metaphor extends into my larger life.

i wish to see my feet

in order to know that i will not
leave this place
and before my work is done,


Jenny Woolf said...

|Some of us need to feel the bottom of the pond at all times. I am a bit like that. A good metaphor

steven said...

thanks jenny. i knew i wasn't alone on this one!! steven