Monday, August 5, 2013

the fifty seventh lap of the sun

fifty six

on this, the day when my friends and family reflect back on my emergence into this world, i wish to express my ongoing gratitude to my mum who carried me around for nine months and then carried much of the weight (for better and sometimes decidely for the worse) of my personal presence 
to this very moment!

i also wish to express my gratitude to my dad, my aunt, my children, and my brother, each of whom have played  such a powerul part in enlightening and educating me in the ways that honest and good people do without really trying!!!

finally i would like to thank my many friends and students who have brought me to this moment, a much richer and more fulfilled person than i would have been had i not had the tremendous fortune to cross paths with you.

i thankyou all deeply

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Kay said...

Happy Birthday steven from another one on the 57th lap....xx Kay