Tuesday, March 5, 2013

these eyes

early morning on my way to school.

the little boy inside me
sees so much differently than i do.


Merisi said...

Whoever saw this picture first, you framed it well! ;-)

steven said...

thanks merisi :) steven

erin said...

((oh! i love this, photo and idea))

and your header! i yip a big ole canadian yip!


R. Burnett Baker said...

Where, when and why do we shun our child-nature? Adulthood is frightfully overrated.

steven said...

there are so many people layered and then conjoined in and around me erin. and then there are those who call me home who are not steven. my eyes are dancing . . .!!! my camera gets to filter some of what goes on inside! steven

steven said...

this is very true rick . . . my friends know that i have not left any part of myself behind - all ages, all experiences appear as they will . . . steven