Monday, January 14, 2013

when in doubt

i do this almost every day


at someone i don't know
and it's amazing
that they wave right back
with a nervous
and sometimes gently curious
and sometimes
 (but more rarely)
a slight edge of thrill to their body language

that we cross the invisible barrier
of know you / know you not
on a regular basis
reminds us all that
we are simply souls
in bodies
with strange and circuitous journeys to make
and that perhaps
we should honour
each other's presence
by the simplest 
and least affecting of means

on a regular basis
just to clear the cobwebs 
and the rusty bits
out of the system


Linda Sue said...

I especially like to stop for pedestrians when I am in my car- they always wave and make eye contact and that makes me feel like I am in the old fashioned world of Mayberry. I am waving at you right now- isn't it warm and friendly?

steven said...

this made me laugh out loud - seriously - well laughingly for real linda sue!!!! steven