Thursday, January 10, 2013

this bridge between hard places

i race
across the bridge
between the hard places


i bet you know
the sense
of relief i feel

as you yourself have likely experienced that same stepping away
from one hard place
and that same looking ahead
to another

that moment of relief as you step away
that is
 entirely filled 
with the voices and colours and sounds and people
of all you might have imagined to that point

and then just as suddenly
the extraordinary
of the great space between 

the unknowing

where there are simply
no referent points

and you stand
posed somewhere between
here and there

in the great suddenly filled with nothingness
of the space
between what might have been
and what might be

1 comment:

Linda Sue said...

Yes indeed! I will think about this all day and into the next...your photo is astonishing! and so are YOU!!!