Monday, November 26, 2012

it happens all the time in heaven

it happens all the time in heaven,
and some day
it will begin to happen
again on earth -
that men and women who are married,
and men and men who are
and women and women
who give each other
often will get down on their knees
and while so tenderly
holding their lover's hand,
with tears in their eyes,
will sincerely speak, saying,
"my dear,
how can I be more loving to you;
how can I be more



Linda Sue said...

That is very sweet- and idea. I only get on my knees to scrub the floor and might be heard to say " could I be less of a jerk" which is not quite poetic, is it?

erin said...

reading this this morning saved me from myself. i am grateful to you and hafiz for this))))

i think inside of men and women resides both the human being and the presence of god. (i am only now learning this.) i think it is our job to keep in check the human being (or the ego) and let the presence of god speak through us.

am i beginning to sound like a lunatic? i am beginning to not care so much about this)))


Jinksy said...

Wonderful stuff- if you can get it organised! ♥
Oh, dear - words and numbers again too odd to read - where does blogger find such rubbishy images?!
It's taken me seven goes, and even this selection will be a lot of guesswork...

steven said...

so linda sue you are talking to yourself - no?! and being in the frame of mind of wishing to be a better person and less of a turkey often is why i am on my knees . . . so i see nothing wrong with that in fact i see it as a good thing and maybe even proper!!! steven

steven said...

yeah erin - thanks for this writing . . . it's as real as real gets and i am grateful for a thin tender slice of real!!! steven

steven said...

jinksy - we must crush the BEAST!!! steven