Wednesday, November 28, 2012

in the night

late in the night
the popping and banging and creaking
of this old house
remind me of my own gently aging bodies'
each day 

and so i get up and touch its walls 
and run my hands along its 
framed doorways and railings
reassuring it
and drawing it closer
before returning
to my own bed
filled with the soft light
the three a.m. streetlamps


Valerianna said...

Beautiful image... and a very aural post. (how many bodies do you have?)

steven said...

well . . . there's this beast i live inside . . .a thin fifty five year old body that has taken all sorts of coddling and abuse with equal understanding and tolerance. then there's the steven person who is the intermediary form that allows the spirit of my self to interact with the world. so i know three - so far - valerianna!!! steven