Sunday, September 23, 2012

how is this

you crossed
the every which way
of altogether
and left me
in the thin skittering space
of emptiness
pulling and tugging
at the weft and warp
of time
and wondering
if this ever togetherness
we called home
could skirt
the diversions
and possibilities
of the real world


Linda Sue said...

oh yes...the REAL world.Togetherness... pulling and tugging- I have run out of warp and weft- no strings.
Love what you have written here, Steven. Yup!

steven said...

i loved writing it as well linda sue! in a couple of days i am back on the net and able to reconnect with the world at large (or small as the case may be!!) steven

Valerianna said...

Push and pull, expansion/contraction... real world - not so comfortable.