Thursday, September 6, 2012

at all costs

at all costs continue
while moving on


Linda Sue said...

Move on, like a bendy branch, like a zucchini,Move on like something anchored to the ground...Tricky.

steven said...

linda sue these are all tree trunks that have bent - i loved their texture and the way light played across their bodies . . . steven

Valerianna said...

I wondered about zuccini or tree trunks... they look like they belong in the tropics, but they live near you?

steven said...

these are in presquile provincial park which is about 90 kms ride from where i am . . . there's a section of the woodland where these tree trunks have bent this way . . . it explains why they did that on a sign there but it made no sense to me to be honest. i was so taken by them as they curved and arced in short sudden steps and longer bows . . . .steven

erin said...

right now i am looking for instruction. (this is my instruction?)