Sunday, July 15, 2012

what am i?

i ride by
and see
the lines-

the horizontals
the verticals

the colours - 
the shades and hues

and i wonder

what am i to all of this?
what am i at all?


Valerianna said...

I wonder that, too..... maybe a blurr of movement to the more slow and stationary trees and land... just a blurr of color.

Linda Sue said...

You are a sigh and a murmur. Or maybe a sneeze!

steven said...

maybe just a blur of energy . . . . valerianna . . . i wonder what i am to everything else . . .minus all the value-laden, expectation based nonsense . . . .steven

steven said...

linda sue, i'd be good with being a sneeze . . .scattered far and wide and carried unknown into the hinterlands and nether worlds . . . steven

Valerianna said...

Yes, like what are you - really - to a dog or cat or tree? Nothing we can imagine... or maybe if we're really good at meditation or eat the wrong kind of mushroom, then maybe we'd get a flash!