Tuesday, July 3, 2012


i learned early on
to shy away from
"the darkside" 
"the underside"
"the other side"

"trust the inside" and
let it be one
with my "outside"
let my inner light
shine through the translucent skin
of my 

and all the while
like any light
i cast a shadow
and the shadow is attached
and touchable
and real
and darkens gently
and brightly lit 

even softens them!

and i have learned
over time
to love my shadow as being
as much of myself
as my body
my mind
my heart

because really
there are no sides
no edges
no othernesses of any kind
just one self

one wholeness


R. Burnett Baker said...

I once touched my shadow on the wall because I was curious. I only felt the pressure of my finger on the wall, and nothing else. Then I wrote a poem about it.

Yes, I'm a bit "touched" I suppose, but shadows don't care!


steven said...

ha. i like this thinking rick! steven