Monday, February 5, 2018

the story behind this moment

may i share with you the story behind this moment. it's simple. what i hope that you can keep in mind is that this story describes one very tiny space and one very improbable moment in this entire universe. imagine! 
so, sometime ago a little plant grew out of a crack in the kerb that defines the space of a parking lot not too far from the otonabee river. i've walked by it many times. 
through the autumn it withered and then the part of its body that is above the kerb, dried up. a little while later, a tractor trailer was parked over top of its body.
a day or two ago, i noticed that at some point, the snow that had accumulated on the roof of the tractor trailer had melted and then frozen over the dried stem of the plant. 

here we are.

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