Saturday, August 5, 2017

august 5th. 2017

well, today i begin my sixty-first lap around the local star.

if you use birthdays as a measure of endings and beginnings (which of course is unrealistic but handy all the same) then i can look back on this year past and see a year filled with change, challenge, blessings, and of course goodness.

i've enjoyed an incredible year having switched grades for the first time in sixteen years and being gifted with a wild, fun, understanding group of grade twos. 
i met a truly wonderful woman who has brought hope. love, and goodness with her in so many ways. 
my son moved in with me.
my gardens are happy for the first time in years.
my paintings are growing in every way.
the kittens moksha and mica moved in here.
yep, it’s been a year filled with all the blessings and challenges of being a dad, a son, a nephew, a friend, a teacher, and all the many things that i am, each of which i treasure for the gifts that they are.

friends i am deeply grateful for your many kindnesses, for your insights, and especially for the simple fact that you live your passions out loud. thankyou for all that you are and do.

i was born at 8:30 pm. it was a monday.
my mum was in labour off-and-on with me for two days!
she told me just two days ago that i was indecisive about which part of my body was going to enter this world first - my feet or my head. 

this is how my life has unfolded, will i jump in feet first or head first?

thankyou for having me mum!

as walt whitman said . . .
"you have done such good to me,
i would do the same to you."

have a peaceful day!

with my love       


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