Thursday, July 21, 2016


this moment . . . a thistle so vibrant in a sea of queen anne's lace . . . captures my experiencing of this day . . . a warm and abundant day . . . lots and lots of pretty much everything. i began my day by stopping at the Silver Bean CafĂ© to pick up a little pile of giant cookies for an early morning tea party i was to share with seven (four-to-seven year old) girls and their yoga/dance/drama/art /music teacher at The Hummingbird Academy. it was loud, lots and lots of laughter, and for me - super-fun, and so very reminding of the lovely innocence and clear insights of little children. 
from there i rode my bike to lakefield and back . . . a hot hot ride for sure, but oh so gorgeous! in the afternoon i got to head back the hummingbird to share time with the little gang of girls as they painted. i'll post pics of that event later.

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