Sunday, August 30, 2015

the ikea kitchen build (part one)

we're building an ikea kitchen . . . . it is so much fun! seriously it really is!

first. wendy hauls a box off of the big piles of boxes and opens it up.

then she grabs the bag o' bits and sorts them all out.

then she figures out what each panel is, where it goes and how it should go together.

then she screws some of the bits into the panels.

then she hammers some of the bits into the panels.

then she pulls the whole thing together!

checks the diagram to fiind out where there are bits left over annnnnnd to reassure herself that the product of her awesome building skills resembles that suggested in the lovely pics inside the handy dandy ikea guide.

and then she hoists the finished product up onto her shoulder and chucks it onto the great big pile of finished cupboards . . .

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