Thursday, February 19, 2015

sherry and port tasting evening . . . .

wendy and i got to share sunday night with friends at nancy carter's gorgeous home. she accurately describes her sweet funky lodgings as "a visual feast". oh man! that is for sure. i would happily camp out there for days just to savour everything . . .

for now though, we were there to sample sherry and port. all kinds.

nancy walked us through each of the bottles with the kind of understanding care you give to people like me who drink whatever tastes good . . . or even whatever doesn't taste that good but provides the requisite enthusiasm for the circumstances. i left her home a more knowledgeable and appreciative person. (and half in the bag.)

a ton of fun was had by us and we ate yummy tidbits of meat, fish, nuts, cheeses, breads and fruit.

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