Sunday, June 1, 2014

saturday stories . . .

what a great day yesterday! relaxing in wendy's garden where we were joined by a demoiselle damselfly . . . 

the buds that were budding or which were being encouraged by their already-opened-to-the-sun chums were inspiring and so we headed over to the ecology garden where we scored a few thousand pounds of leaf mulch for working into our respective gardens. 

from there we popped over to the farmer's market where my request for a "kyoto dusk" was quickly and professionally assembled by the ever-cheerful sarah! chocolate purchases were made and a first visit for me to the "holy dough" baker, whose food is astonishingly good . . . perhaps even spiritually transporting! 

we then went to my home where we spent the afternoon digging up one third of the front "lawn" - a wormless, waterless space that we are reclaiming as a shade garden replete with hostas and ferns and whatever else we think will be happy - and bring happiness to passers-by! 

our evening was spent over incredible food, beer and wine with friends james, nancy, and their two boys at their lovely and loving home on perry street.

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