Sunday, May 25, 2014

saturday story

saturdayyyyyy! yayyyyyyy! a beautiful song of a day filled with all kinds of stories and stuff. after getting myself jacked on some yummy steven brewed coffee, i got on my bike and flew down through the leafy treed streets to city hall where i met up with brenda foster to walk in the fundraiser for a cure for huntingtons disease.

the walk ended in del crary park, so i got back on my bike and raced across the bridge over the river and into east city where i met up with wendy. we drove down to the farmer's market and bought pastries and plants and a really lovely drink that the sweetest barrista in the world sarah mcinnis whipped up - in the pic (if you look closely) you'll see in sarah's right hand what's called a kyoto sunrise - two layers of colour. in her left hand you'll see their new drink (cunningly co-created by sarah and i). it involves reversing the pouring plan for the two liquids which normally makes a up a "kyoto sunrise", resulting in a blend now named "a kyoto dusk". the owner of the company - tracy cosburn - may have been skeptical at first but i think she sees the savvy marketing that accompanies this unlikely cross-pollination of both skillsets and liquids!!! it was pretty tasty and pretty cool in my world as i walked around the market with this, a world's first!!!

from the market we made our way across town and eventually ended up at the Silver Bean for lunch! wowsers! what a great lunch! quinoa salad for wendy and a sweet potato, avocado, and black bean burrito for me. we both pumped our lunches down with huge brandy snifters of strawberry lemonade.

while there we crossed paths with teresa hamilton kerr and her husband dave and then lucky stars shooting through the sky overhead (and also resting on our table so they knew where to bring our superb lunch food) our amazing friend michael vanderherberg joined us (in-between clearing tables and helping contain the excitement among the large crew of staff working inside the cafe!)

we took a walk alongside the river, where we saw a bluegill nest in the water,

and watched all kinds of very pretty birds and listened to their songs

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