Tuesday, December 3, 2013

night world

i slept nine hours last night - the first time i have slept through the night in months and months.

i dreamt.
and i remembered.

i was standing at the bottom of a hill . . . this hill . . .
in the day world, i rode up this hill with friends kris seiber and devon code sometime in october. 
it climbs way beyond what you can see. it's not far from bethany. 

it goes up . . .

and up . . .

and up!

in my night world dream, i stood at the bottom of this very hill, holding 
the front forks of a bicycle by the handlebar stem. 

it had no wheels, no drivetrain, no brakes, no seat, no handlebars. 

i knew that as long as i held tightly with both hands onto the handlebar stem that i would be safe.

it hovered and held me off the ground such that i could extend my body outwards and parallel to the ground if i wished - and i did wish that, so i did - 

and i glided upwards twisting my body this way and that, weaving up the side of the hill's body.

i woke and began this day by laughing . . . 


Linda Sue said...

very cool dream, without wheels, without frame- you just glide your way up and up!

steven said...

mmm hmmm steven