Tuesday, July 16, 2013

what a difference!

front porch      .       july 7. 2013

gardening much of the day
and then the rains arrived
and so i sat on my front porch
with a good book and luxuriated in the very simplest
of nature's and man's pleasures . . . . 

what a difference happiness makes!


aguja said...

Mmm, yes! Hi! I am back, cataracts sorted!

Love the photos and the dreaminess of your words. Happiness ... and contentment ... the only way forward.

steven said...

aguja! i am glad you're well! enjoy all the new and clearer sights!!! steven

R. Burnett Baker said...

Your posts need to be in a book that the rest of us can sit likewise and read....and learn. I sense that your father's philosophies are guiding your own. Beautiful!

steven said...

hmmmm . . . i think that my father grew from watching his son's experiences and choices!!! i wonder what really happened!!! hahahahaha!!!! steven