Sunday, June 3, 2012

after school peace

last thursday afternoon

biking along the paths
that circle this widening of the river

and then

arriving at the silver bean cafe

i am sitting looking at this beautiful scene while drinking mango juice 
and eating a granola bar made by my friend andrea.

i am sharing this space with the best most beautiful people in my life 
and talking and laughing as friends come and go.

all this while
the little birds wait for crumbs to fall.


ND Mitchell said...

Reading this makes you glad to be alive Steven. I'm reading, while watching some robins that have been nesting in my garden here in Scotland. Your post makes the perfect accompaniment. Have a great day, David.

Kay said...

sounds and looks blissful...have a lovely weeekend steven...

Linda Sue said...

I feel so there, what a beautiful shot! Thank you- there seems to be sunshine in your neck of the woods- move over, I am moving up there!

etched glass said...

It is hearth warming to read this blog and see the splendor of landscape and plant photo.