Tuesday, May 5, 2009

paul colinet - between night and day

paul colinet spent quite a bit of time associating with the surrealists, particularly rene magritte. his writing reflects something of their perspective in its juxtaposition of the ordinary with the extraordinary.

the bell's dress

she's morning's residence. she's as clear as she is
invisible, as tranquil as forgotten lands.

her hair is golden, her smooth windows exchange

she appears in bold alluring colors, a pretty basket of
dew, protected by a long crystal rifle.

on the doorstep, a bush shakes off his medals.

the door is open, but the bush hesitates forever: he
doesn't see he's invited.

gently, the house empties, she jingles her dress, her
heart rustles: the dazed bush doesn't understand.
it's a very complicated game.

from time to time, the glass rifle speaks all alone and
shatters some small thing.

paul colinet

to read more of paul's writing visit this page.

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